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    Naomily makes my heart hurt 

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  2. I would love to make a Brazilian film, but it would have to be something very close to my heart. It’s such a personal thing, so I’d want to do my family proud. I’d want to do justice to Brazilian cinema. I think Brazilian cinema is brilliant. I would really love to do something, but I’m just waiting for the right thing.

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    This messes with my mind

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    “Unfortunately, our culture nowadays revolves a lot around celebrity […] I would never want a young girl to watch me and think that they should be like me or look like me or have the same bag as me. I wouldn’t want to project that.”

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    Dev Patel at the season 2 premiere of ‘The Newsroom’

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  4. I have to say that Dev Patel wins…. 

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    This makes me happy 


    Strong female leads need to be made more mainstream. There are some wonderful, wonderful independent films being made with women of all ages. I think that’s what we should try and focus on. There is still an imbalance between insightful, strong roles and stereotypical ones from my personal experiences, but I don’t think it’s a lost cause.

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  6. Kaya Scodelario photographed for The Sunday Times

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  7. Sorry I haven’t been posting much, it’s been a CRAZY few week. I love you all
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