Skins Rainbow: Day 11

    Generation one, two and skins fire: Tony, Freddie, Effy


    get to know me meme: 5 favorite tv shows [3/5]

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    "It’s kind of easy when you’ve got nothing. Cause when you’ve got nothing, nothing can be taken away from you. But I don’t want nothing anymore."

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    Day 10: Green

    Skins Generation One and Two: Chris, Jal, Naomi, and Efffy

    Skins Rainbow: Day Nine

    Skins generation one, two, and three. Face close-ups.

    Skins Rainbow: Day Eight


    Emily and Katie: Generation two

    Tony and Maxie: Generation one

  1. Skins Rainbow: Day Seven

    Final day of red

    Chris, Michelle, Jal, Tony, Sid: Generation One

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